Nov 6, 2016

Fairy and Folk Tale Emergent Readers {Plus a FREE DOWNLOAD}!

I LOVE covering Fairy Tales with littles of any age. Today I want to share my absolute all-time favorite resources with you, as well as give you some activity ideas, some YouTube videos your kids will be sure to fall in love with, and a Little Red Hen FREEBIE (which will be at the end of the post)! 

**This post contains affiliate links.**

Fairy Tales are my favorite books to read to students. I especially like to read different versions of them so that we can compare/contrast. My favorite are these that are told by an unexpected character from each story. As you can see below, some of these are VERY well loved! These are just some of them from the collection. But there are a lot more available too. 
Here are links to our top 5 favorites, but you can browse through all of them here.

Or if you really want to have your kiddos rolled up in giggles, try this one!
(Ok, I laugh just reading the title!)
I couldn't get the cover bigger so either squint or click it to get a good chuckle at the cover of this adorable book!

I also like to have students create their own fairy tales and even reenact their interpretation of them. 
I began to notice that my students were falling in love with them just as much as I was. However, when they would go to the reading carpet to look at the variety of Fairy Tale books I had laid out, they were only skimming the pictures. I needed Fairy Tales that were more at their level. So I ordered some from online. All kinds of them at a variety of levels. I was so excited when they arrived, but to my disappointment, for most of my students, the words were still too hard and the sentences still too long. 

So I decided to create my own. Miniature versions of classic Fairy Tales that were at simply levels...levels that even beginner readers could handle. And I bundled them together so that if you're interested and want them for your classroom, you can access them all in one simple download - Fairy Tales Emergent Readers Bundle
But they are also available individually as well! 
Here are the Fairy Tale readers that I made: 

And there's more!

This one is perfect to read during your Christmas week of activities!

When your students read these little books, have them use gel highlighters to highlight sight words that you have or are currently working on. Or blends, or whatever you want them to focus on. 

Whenever I read a Fairy Tale to my students, I like to also show them the matching YouTube channel CoolSchool's videos! They are fun, silly, and perfect for comparing and contrasting. Plus, they'll have your littles rolling on the ground in giggles!
There are many types of videos on the CoolSchool channel, but we focus most on the FairyTale (& Nursery Rhymes...but those are for a different post!) ones with Ms. Booksy, who not only narrates the story, but jumps right into the story herself...literally! 
Here are a couple of our favorite...although they all are really good!
Here's Jack & the Beanstalk:
And here's Little Red Riding Hood:

If you're looking for math and literacy activities to go with your Fairy Tale units, I have a few that will go with the more common ones used in classrooms. Most of the activities were made with the Common Core standards in mind.

This Goldilocks & the 3 Bears Math & Literacy Bundle includes over 100 pages of emergent readers,  vocab reinforcement, labeling activities, fact/fiction practice, counting & pattern practice, and so much more! 

Here is a Rapunzel Math & Literacy Bundle of Activities. It includes 75 pages. There is even a Spanish emergent reader included! 

I also have a Cinderella Math & Literacy Bundle. This bundle includes 170 pages of activities, as well as a FREE gift in the mail using the code that's provided after purchasing the unit! 

Don't forget to introduce Folk Tales too! 
The Little Red Hen is my favorite. 

Let me share some craft ideas that go with The Little Red Hen, and then I'll give you a FREE DOWNLOAD to use with your students!

You'll find that these crafts I picked out are simple and involve supplies you most likely already have! (I hate having to go out and purchase a bunch of stuff I only wind up using once a year.)

Ready for a FREEBIE?! 
My Preschool and Kindergarten kids love to do activities that go with the Little Red Hen. This FREE Emergent Reader download has easy-to-read text & includes 20 pages to print! It's also perfect for high frequency word practice.
This Little Red Hen Reader has easy to read text and includes 20 pages. Many of the pages are repetitive so that littles can experience even more success when reading! Take a peek at some of the can download it absolutely FREE using the link below!

And here's CoolSchool's matching video to go with it! (It starts at minute 17:09)

I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I do. 
May they keep your littles reading!

If you're looking for even more Fairy Tale ideas, follow my Fairy Tales Pinterest Board!

-Til next time
You've found them! The perfect Fairy Tales Emergent Readers for your Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade kids. These easy to read books will go right along with the other activities and crafts you have planned for your fairy tales unit. Plus, they are a perfect way to practice high frequency words! Plus, you can download one for FREE!


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